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Games Black Friday: PS5 Black Friday deals 2021: what to expect and when will sales begin?

Another 12 months from launch and Sony’s latest console is still suffering from severe stock shortages, so it might seem a little optimistic to think about the PS5 Black Friday deals we might see this year. It’s hard enough as it is keeping on top of where to buy the PS5 right now, let alone uncover any discounts or bundles. We are determined, though, to bring you any savings on PS5 consoles, games and accessories that we find come November.

Sure, discounts on the console itself will likely remain out of reach. However, last year’s PS5 Black Friday deals brought us savings on accessories and games – even though the system was brand new to the market. That means Black Friday 2021 may provide us with the discounts we need to stock up our gaming libraries and grab some new gear. Or, if we’re really lucky, pick up a console. 

While the vast majority of last year’s PS5 deals came in the form of cheap PS5 games, though we did see some cash shaved off the price of the DualSense controller. Other accessories such as external hard drives and headsets were also on offer. This November might be the first time we see some proper cheap PS5 SSD deals as the firmware that enables expandable storage in the console might be available to all by then. Regardless of stock levels on the console itself, these are the key offers that we’ll follow on this page.

When it comes to the actual hardware, though, there’s no way to know whether Sony’s supply chain will be fixed by the time this year’s PS5 Black Friday deals become available. Plus, even if the console is enjoying free flowing stock, the incredible demand may limit the quality of any bundles or discounts…

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