Games Black Friday: Best Black Friday PS4 deals — the best early deals available now

Black Friday PS4 deals are expected to be in high demand this year. The PS5 might be Sony’s flagship gaming console, but its predecessor still has plenty to offer. 

In fact, with so much attention being given to PS5 restocks throughout 2021, the PS4 has flown under the radar. Don’t forget, the majority of high-profile games are still being released on the older system, and are often available for significantly less than on the console’s next-gen counterpart.

While the PS4 debuted in 2013, it’s still proving itself capable of running some of the most graphically demanding titles around. Furthermore, unlike the PS5 we expect to see a range of price cuts among this year’s Black Friday deals. If you’re on the hunt for a gaming console at a bargain price, then the PS4 really could be the system to keep an eye out for. 

It’s not just the console itself that will likely be discounted for Black Friday, a wide variety of the games and accessories are also expected to receive deep price cuts. With a library that spans eight years, there are hundreds of PS4 games worth checking out and many of them could be available in the sales event at lowest ever prices. 

Whether you’re looking to getting into console gaming for the first time, picking up a second PS4 for a family member or friend, or just hoping to kit out your console with a load of new games and accessories, Black Friday PS4 deals should have something to offer you. 

We’re still several weeks away from retailers announcing their full suite of Black Friday deals, but we can make some educated guesses based on prior years. Plus, there is already a range of early Black Friday PS4 deals that you can shop right now. 

Black Friday PS4 deals:…

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