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#Sustainability is a core discussion in retail these days. Whether a brand responds to the need to decrease environmental impact because of consumer calls for action, government regulation, or from pure conviction, the approaches to increasing sustainability are as diverse (and sometimes as complex) as the supply chain itself. We hear plenty of buzz words surrounding sustainability – sustainable materials, #upcycling, #offsetting. While most of the en vogue practices deal with materials, we think process optimization is an unsung hero in the sustainability game. For example, with a light plugin, brands can harness smart sourcing technology that helps them source and ship items close to the customer, zapping miles and emissions from every order, while helping them to deliver faster and with greater cost efficiency. To be sure, sustainability is something the industry needs to approach from every possible angle, and we’re happy to lend our innovations to bridging the gap. #retailtechnology #smartsourcing #omnichannelretail #sustainablelastmile

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